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Learn when and when not to use the arrow function

However, these functions differ in many significant ways, and we can’t replace one with another.

1. “this” Keyword

In regular function, this changes according to the way that function is invoked.

5 Step Guide to Maintaining your Development, Test, and Production Environments Separately.

But it is not an easy task, it requires separate builds and deployments which takes significant time and effort.

Why Amplify?

It allows to develop, build…

How to Share Your S3 Bucket Data Securely.

So, how can we securely share the content with others who don't have access to our S3 buckets?

4 Step Guide to Secure Your React App with AWS Amplify.

Step 1 — Create your application, and push it to Git.

Difference Between using ‘Single Quotes’, “Double Quotes”, and `Backticks` in JavaScript Strings.

‘Single Quotes’ vs. “Double Quotes”

The only noticeable difference between single quotes and double quotes comes into play…

Using Lambda Pings and Provision Concurrency to prevent Cold Start.

However, Lambda functions take significant time to get started initially, and this directly impacts application performance.

1. Using Lambda Ping

The first method to prevent cold-starts is using a CloudWatch event rule and scheduled event to ping the Lambda function regularly.

A quick recap of the latest features in Angular

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

One Step Closer to Ivy

Is dynamic routing better than static routing?

Static Routing is not dead: There are plenty of reasons to use it.

Learn how to use GPU programming in Angular

Computer parts
Computer parts
Photo by Lucas Kepner on Unsplash.

Using GPU.js With Angular

Remotion, Framer Motion, React Motion, and more

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash.

1. Remotion

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