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Best practices implementing localization for React Components that are sharable across projects

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects my own personal preferences. It should not be seen as a formal recommendation.

Implementing localization with React is pretty straightforward, and many libraries are there to assist in the development.

But have you ever wondered how to implement localization for React components that are independent and shareable across applications?

This article will guide you through the steps of creating component-level translations using React. We will also push the translatable UI components and the translator component, to remote hosting, on Bit Cloud.

Our pushed or ‘exported’ components will then be available to be individually used and collaborated…

Differences between the require and import statements in JavaScript

With modern web development, we use require or import to refer to JavaScript dependencies. And, sometimes, we use both in combination and use what works for the library.

But, do you know why both of these exists? What happens underneath? And what are the best practices when using one or the other?

In this article, I will discuss the usage of require and import and answer some of these common questions.

Background — JavaScript Module Types

Before discussing require and import, it is necessary to have an understanding of JavaScript modules. So, let’s see what the different types of JavaScript modules available are.

1. AMD — Asynchronous Module Definition

AMD modules…

Comparing popular JavaScript date libraries.

MomentJS is one of the most used JavaScript date libraries among software engineers. However, over the past few years, other alternatives challenged its existence.

Out of these, Date-fns is one of the leading competitors to take over from MomentJS.

So, in this article, I will discuss the features of Date-fns, where it shines, and its limitations to give you a better understanding.

Understand Date-fns and Its Usage

How JavaScript Achieved C++ Performance

Today, JavaScript has become one of the most used languages for web development. However, it has to pass so many hurdles to climb up to this stage. One such milestone is behind its execution speed, where it achieved similar performance to languages like C++.

None of these is possible without the invention of the V8 JavaScript Engine.

So, in this article, I will discuss the technology behind these performance gains, and what’s you should know about to write better-performing code.

What is V8 & How It Works

V8 is an open-source JavaScript engine introduced by Google. It is written in C++ and supports Google Chrome, Chromium web…

Recommended React hook libraries in 2021.

React Hooks were introduced with React 16.8 update. Ever since, it has become an essential feature in React applications.

React Hooks are used to hook into the React States and lifecycle features.

There are many React Hooks available, and it is hard to keep track of each of them. So, in this article, I will discuss 5 React Hooks libraries every developer should be aware of.

1. React Redux

How to Choose the Best AWS Storage Option for Your Project

Amazon web services are widely used around the world for storage options. However, choosing a storage option is not easy since each of them has unique features and costs.

So, in this article, I will discuss AWS EBS, EFS, and S3 with their features, usability, and cost.

What is AWS EBS?

AWS EBS (Elastic block service) is a network drive that allows you to attach to a single EC2 instances.

You can preserve the EC2 data using EBS when the instance is terminated. Also, EBS can be easily attached and from one EC2 and attach to another EC2.

EBS volumes are only available for…

AWS EC2 Purchasing Options and When to Use Them

AWS EC2 is one of the most used could services around the world. However, most new developers aren’t aware of the cost of maintaining an EC2 instance and end up paying unnecessarily.

So, in this article, I will compare all the EC2 instance purchasing options and discuss how to use spot instances to reduce the cost even for your production environments.

AWS EC2 Instances Purchasing Options

Although many developers are only aware of On-Demand EC2 instances, AWS provides 5 purchasing options for EC2 instances. Which are,

  1. On-Demand Instances.
  2. Reserved Instances.
  3. Spot Instances.
  4. Dedicated Instances.
  5. Dedicated Hosts.

These options have their features and suitabilities. SO, before…

Optimize Your Application with Amazon RDS Proxy

With modern web applications, managing database connections have become a challenging task for developers. Especially when it comes to serverless and Lambda functions, we should be careful not to overwhelm database instances.

So, in this article, I will discuss how we can use AWS RDS Proxy, a fully managed, highly available database proxy provided by AWS to manage AWS relational databases.

Why Do We Need RDS Proxy?

Before getting into details about RDS Proxy, let’s see why we need such services.

If we consider a traditional web application, it has a limited number of database connections, and they share connections among multiple requests. …

How to Use AWS IAM Users, Policies & Multi-Factor Authentication Correctly.

IAM is the Identity and Access Management service provided by AWS. It provides you with a variety of options to manage users and secure your account.

But, most developers do not get the maximum out of it since they are not aware of all the features of IAM.

So, In this article, I will discuss how to use IAM groups, policies, permissions, and multi-factor authentication to secure your account.

IAM Users, User Groups, and Policies

In AWS, there are 2 types of users. The first user type is the Root User, and this user account is automatically created when you create an AWS account.

Root user…

4 Factors to Consider When Selecting an AWS Region

Today, AWS has become the most used cloud service provider among developers. Although there are many reasons behind that, its global infrastructure is the most prominent reason for this success.

Currently, AWS services are available in 25 different regions with 80+ availability zones and 200+ edge locations.

So, in this article, I will discuss the global infrastructure of AWS and what we should consider when selecting an AWS region.

How to select the best AWS Region for you?

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