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How to optimize your application by reducing bundle size

Today, we use JavaScript heavily in web development, and we can find many applications with large bundle sizes. However, beyond a certain limit, it starts to affect the application performance.

In this article, I will discuss 5 techniques to reduce the JavaScript bundle size to avoid any performance bottlenecks.

1. Code Splitting with Webpack


JavaScript Object.freeze() vs Object.seal()

Object immutability is an important concept in any programming language. It restricts object modifications and prevents unwanted changes.

In this article, I will discuss how we can implement object immutability in JavaScript using freeze() and seal() methods.

Need of Object Immutability in JavaScript

Before discussing freeze() and seal() methods, let’s discuss object immutability in JavaScript a…

Differences between the require and import statements in JavaScript

With modern web development, we use require or import to refer to JavaScript dependencies. And, sometimes, we use both in combination and use what works for the library.

But, do you know why both of these exists? What happens underneath? …

How JavaScript Achieved C++ Performance

Today, JavaScript has become one of the most used languages for web development. However, it has to pass so many hurdles to climb up to this stage. One such milestone is behind its execution speed, where it achieved similar performance to languages like C++.

None of these is possible without…

What’s the right tool for generating universal identifiers?

UUID is one of the most used universal identifiers in software development. However, new alternatives have challenged its existence over the past few years.

Out of these, ULID is one of the leading competitors since it provides sortable unique IDs.

In this article, I will discuss the features of ULID…

Using the Saga pattern in Microservice transactions

Using the microservices architecture has many benefits. It has become the norm for many large-scale applications. However, Microservices also comes with several challenges. One such challenge is handling transactions that span across multiple services.

So, in this article, I will discuss how we can overcome this by using Saga Pattern.

Why We Need Saga Pattern?

Best practices implementing localization for React Components that are sharable across projects

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects my own personal preferences. It should not be seen as a formal recommendation.

Implementing localization with React is pretty straightforward, and many libraries are there to assist in the development.

But have you ever wondered how to implement localization for React components that are independent and…

Recommended React hook libraries in 2021.

React Hooks were introduced with React 16.8 update. Ever since, it has become an essential feature in React applications.

React Hooks are used to hook into the React States and lifecycle features.

There are many React Hooks available, and it is hard to keep track of each of them. So…

How to Choose the Best AWS Storage Option for Your Project

Amazon web services are widely used around the world for storage options. However, choosing a storage option is not easy since each of them has unique features and costs.

So, in this article, I will discuss AWS EBS, EFS, and S3 with their features, usability, and cost.

What is AWS EBS?

AWS EBS (Elastic…

AWS EC2 Purchasing Options and When to Use Them

AWS EC2 is one of the most used could services around the world. However, most new developers aren’t aware of the cost of maintaining an EC2 instance and end up paying unnecessarily.

So, in this article, I will compare all the EC2 instance purchasing options and discuss how to use…

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